Eljun Presents at Money20/20’S Pitch Battle “Europe’s Got Access”

3 min readJun 20, 2023

The climate fintech start-up Eljun, located at the impact hub Norrsken House in Stockholm Sweden, was one of five finalists for Money20/20’s prestigious pitch battle, ‘Europe’s Got Access.’ The competition showcased some of the most innovative climate fintech start-ups from across Europe, for a chance to win 100.000€ from Commerce Ventures.

Money20/20, one of the world’s most influential fintech events, organized the ‘Europe’s Got Access’ pitch battle to highlight the transformative potential of climate fintech in addressing environmental challenges. The finalists for the competition's cutting-edge start-ups included NetPurpose, ClimaCash, GoKind and ZeroLabs, with Zero Labs emerging as the winner.

The judges, Scarlett Sieber, chief strategy and growth officer at Money 20/20, Dan Rosen, Founder & General Partner at Commerce Ventures, Katherine Brown, Vice-President of Inclusive Impact & Sustainability Europe at Visa, and Liz Rich, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Bloomberg, flew in from all over the world to hear the finalists speak.

Scarlet Sieber, chief strategy and growth officer at Money 20/20 highlighted the importance of the competition as “the place where the industry’s boldest and brightest voices delve into the challenges we’re facing now and shape together what comes next for the money ecosystem in Europe and beyond.”

Our Growth Manager Anna-Maria Loysha pitched to the judges and the audience Eljun’s approach to addressing the problem of a fragmented shared mobility landscape with disconnected services. Our solution combines the use of blockchain with the logic of employee benefit programs, the market forces and the tax system to create a more efficient mobility network for providers and a single user interface that makes it convenient and financially profitable to travel sustainably. By providing a single payment solution for all types of mobility — coupled with employer sponsorship programs — Eljun empowers people to align their financial choices with their environmental values.

“We are thrilled and honored to have partaken in Money20/20’s ‘Europe’s Got Access’ pitch battle,” said Fredrik Billing, CEO and co-founder of Eljun. “This recognition not only validates our vision, but also highlights the growing importance of climate fintech in creating an efficient mobility ecosystem that will nudge the behavioral changes that are necessary for a sustainable future. We are grateful to Money20/20 for this opportunity to accelerate our mission to empower individuals and businesses to navigate the transformation of the mobility landscape. And congratulations to Zero Labs for the well-deserved win!”

Left to right: Beltran Berrocal, Gustaf Anselmsson, Klas Klaas, Anna-Maria Loysha, Tore Stenbock.

Eljun’s commitment to accessible mobility is reflected in its platform’s comprehensive features to increase the convenience of getting from A to B, no matter how, when, or where. Users can access any mode of transportation with the financial backing of their employer and share their digital wallet with their families. The company also collaborates with public transport agencies to increase the leverage of mobility services.

Anna-Maria Loysha comments: “It was an incredibly humbling experience to present Eljun to the skilled panel of judges, get relevant feedback on our business idea and hear from the four other brilliant startups. Money2020 was filled with companies who will undoubtedly lead the sustainable change in the world”.

Money20/20’s ‘Europe’s Got Access’ pitch battle provided a platform for diverse climate fintech start-ups to showcase their groundbreaking solutions and promote collaboration across the industry. The competition fostered an environment of innovation and highlighted the importance of sustainable finance systems in shaping a greener future.




Eljun, a Swedish fintech climate startup, is the first-ever decentralized web 3 payment solution for all eMobility.